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Italian Holiday Fall Last Hurrah Home Fantasy 1
Fantasy 2 Tunnel Room 6 Tunnel Room 8 Tunnel Room 1
Balcon Sunday Life Wading Subsylvania 2019
Diorama Logan Garden Landing MB (light box)
Tondo (light box) Picture (light box) Runawaws Sleepwalk (light box)

Brief description :  All pieces are from 8 x 10” negatives; these are scanned and worked on digitally for printing. The pigment ink prints come in editions of 8, the light boxes (last five works on the page) in editions of 5. The pictures were shot between 2002 and 2011, but individual pieces are reworked over time, as needed for each print – most recently in 2017 (Fantasy 1 and Last Hurrah Home). Thus, the dimensions given are only indicative, as they may vary somewhat from one print to another.
For further detail, see my Work Notes in Statements & Press

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