Nocturnal Pieces                                                                                                          

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Women/Men Taxi Two Bulldozers Stage
Opening Forest Wild Naturally Holzweg 2
Street Tank Passage Winter Garden
Doll House Wrap Curtain Rideau (two bisons)
Solar Road Trucks Two Bulldozers 2 Still Shot
Photographer Vision Media 2 Station Dexter DJ

Brief description :  This Nocturnal project was initiated in 1995, with the last shots in the series being taken in 2007. In the very early stages, I used a medium-format camera (6 x 6 cm square) but the bulk of the work consists of prints from large-format 8 x 10” negatives (gelatin silver and, subsequently, pigment ink prints). The pieces come in editions of 10. Prints are produced individually, one by one over time as the need, desire and circumstances arise.
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For further details about this series, see my Work Notes in the Statements & Press page.

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